COPAB Objectives


The mission of the Confederation of Professional Awarding Bodies (COPAB) is
to strive to become the premier global professional awarding body representing
educational, vocational, technical, scientific and professional awarding bodies in their endeavour
to foster the ideals and objectives of professional, career membership and registering bodies on a
global scale.


On the basis of the Mission Statement, the objectives of COPAB, among others, are as follows:

To strive to become the best and the biggest global professional awarding body through professional excellence, as signified by the Confederation`s motto;

 To represent its membership organisations on a global scale;

To voice and to co-operate with national governments, international institutions and non-governmental organisations;

To promote high standards and quality measures among membership organisations;

To promote ethical standards in all areas of its activities;

To promote the status and professionalism of the organisation and its members;

To develop co-operation among educational and professional qualification awarding bodies;

To advise national and international organisations on the value of professionalism in education, business, commerce, law and industry;

To provide an avenue educational and professional bodies can use to lobby both national and international organisations on the role they can play in the education and training of their professionals;

To formulate uniform standards of professional codes of practice and conduct;

To encourage members to take cognizance of consumerism, ethics and social responsibilities;

To watch over, defend, protect and advance the professional interests and standards of the members of the professional bodies;

To promote information on professional bodies by conventions, lectures, seminars, discussions, examinations, books, papers, exhibitions and correspondence with public bodies, individuals or otherwise;

To encourage the study of various professional bodies and to consider all questions concerning their improvement and development;

To give legislation and public bodies and others, facilities for conferring with and ascertaining the views of persons, firms or companies engaged in the promotion of professional bodies as regards matters directly or indirectly affecting the above;

To hold meetings for reading, lecturing and discussing communications for the benefit of members;

To hold and promote examinations or other means of those who wish to become members of the Confederation;

To offer scholarships, exhibitions, prizes, rewards and to issue certificates and diplomas to successful candidates and to make grants and allowances to students or prospective students or for any objectives of the Confederation;

To form a library of books, works and manuscripts on professional standards or the application thereof and other subjects allied thereto;

To encourage young people to take professional courses;

To encourage young people to pursue vocational education and training to prepare them for the world of work;

To work with candidates, employers, and education and training providers in order to provide the best ever service to all concerned.

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