Member Services


There are two membership grades as follows:

(a) Member (MCOPAB)
(b) Affiliate (ACOPAB)

MEMBER : To join as a Member, you must be operating as a Professional Awarding Body in the United Kingdom and/or internationally. The initials are MCOPAB.

AFFILIATE: To join as an Affiliate, you must be operating as a School, College or University in the United Kingdom and/or internationally. The initials are ACOPAB.

Only two members of the institution will have the right to use the initials above, for example, the Chief Executive and Director or Principal.


To promote information on professional bodies by discussions and lectures;

To watch over, defend, protect and advance the professional interests of members;

To encourage the study of various professional bodies and to consider all questions concerning their improvement and development;

To form local Chapters for meetings, lectures and social functions;

To join other professional bodies for convocations;

To receive professional advice;

To co-operate with other members, if necessary;

To promote reciprocal agreements, where necessary;

To receive COPAB`s wall shield;

To use COPAB`s logo on your letterheads and advertising materials;

To receive COPAB`s Journals;

To receive reciprocal Journal;

To receive discounted merchandise.


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