About Us

Confederation of Professional Awarding Bodies (COPAB) was incorporated in England on 13 March 2012. It is to serve as an umbrella professional body to set professional standards for professional awarding bodies........


Mission Statement

The mission of the COPAB is to strive to become the best and the biggest global professional awarding body representing educational, vocational, technical, scientific and professional awarding bodies in their endeavour ...



On the basis of the Mission Statement, the objectives of COPAB, among others, are as follows:

- To strive to become the premier global professional awarding body through .....



There are two membership grades as follows:
(a) Member (MCOPAB)
(b) Affiliate (ACOPAB) MEMBER

To join COPAB, you must be:.....


Member Benefits

  • To promote information on professional bodies by discussions and lectures;
  • To watch over, defend, protect and advance the professional interests of members;
  • To encourage the study of various professional bodies and to consider all questions concerning their improvement and development;